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By working with a counselor, you begin the steps that propel you toward healing and change. Choose one of us below.

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Alliance Counseling

Alliance Counseling Services PLLC is professional limited liability company. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality, professional mental health services for persons, couples, and families in East St. Louis, Southwestern Illinois and surrounding counties. Alliance represents how we help people realize mental health and healing. We work together, drawing on our expertise and care, our client’s strengths, and the grace of God to find comfort and invite change.

Our Therapists


John Frisbie

I believe I was called to help people find freedom and healing to live free. I don’t want my clients, my staff, or my colleagues to focus on me, I am one servant of others among many.

Lori McAllister

Sometimes it's not getting out of the rain but embracing it and learning our to enjoy the changes and manage the consequences. We all have times in our lives when we could use someone to listen and not judge.

Rick Fagan

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families, ages 13-adult. I specialize in anxiety and depression-related struggles, behavior management in teens, and with those experiencing relationship distress.

Dr. Julie Smirl

I feel privileged and humbled being a part of the therapeutic alliance when working with individuals, couples, and families who are willing to share their most difficult issues affecting their lives.

Shelby Reece

Biography I have provided group, individual, and family therapy for a diverse population in a variety of age ranges. My main passions are nested in anxiety, depression, and trauma, with an emphasis on perinatal mental health. My goal is to meet you where you are — not to judge where you have been. Reaching out...

Michele R. Tennyson

Life’s challenges can sometimes seem overwhelming. As a result, we can find ourselves doubting our resiliency and feeling unable to cope. Know that you are not alone and that reaching out for help is a sign of strength. My goal is to provide a safe and collaborative environment where, together, we can find solutions, learn...
Our Story

John Frisbie started Alliance Counseling Services to do therapy a bit differently. Our name, Alliance, implies several things. We develop dynamic partnerships with our clients that encourage, support, and enhance lasting change. We make change possible by using evidence-based, effective strategies in therapy. Partnership and best practices are not strictly unique; however, our counselors practice this approach to therapeutically sound relationships among ourselves! Every aspect of Alliance: our business practices, all client relations, and every counselor collaboration, is directed specifically to foster sound thinking, healthy living, and uplifted spirits. We strive to live the way we hope everyone will live – deliberately at peace inside and out.